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old Snooker players from say 2002 onwards.....

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  • old Snooker players from say 2002 onwards.....

    jus a quickie here from me, i was a regular here around 17yrs ago {old snooker though} wondered if any of the old bunch still play?
    Kelvin, London, England (that's me!} I used to go by names such as B@ssM@sta, D@yDre@mer,, g80na1886, g00ner & stuff like that,
    probs a waste of time but fk it why not ave a stab in the dark anyway? Peace.& respect to all.. UK PPL ADD ME UP & LETS PLAY????
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    I remember g00ner , from Snooker 2004? or possible as transitioning to newer version. Hope all is well


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      I would say there are a few old timers in here....I have played Snooker since the mid '60's.....absolutely love the game. This game here is fun to play....just hate they changed the rules so as to make it more even for others that are not that good. A lot like it is here in the U.S.A, democrats want everyone to have a trophy....lmao.