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Why are you Letting People CHEAT

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    Originally posted by Ninja82 View Post

    Upgrading a cue is NOT cheating. It's a way of playing better and this website funding themselves. Nor is buying an aimer, or other things that can improve the game.
    I agree it is not cheating but buying an ''aimer'' if one exists is cheating. I have not seen any ''cheaters'' in 9 ball as I believe I was just beat by better/luckier players. I would like to see some proof that there are people cheating or is it just that they think people upgrading the spin/power etc on a cue is cheating. I don't think so but I do believe the ''Matching Players'' at the start of the game is a bit far fetched as pairing a new player with one on lever 30+ and a cue 50%/30%/20% is hardly a match.If there was a separate part/rooms for players with ''boosted'' cues or a button/option to play/not play a player with these added assists, it would make the game more welcoming and less frustrating to new and old players alike. :-)
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      Between 60% - 80% of players I meet now are using CHEAT-MODE software. I've STOPPED reporting them because cheats are NOT being booted.
      Gamedesire web site is being taken over by the CHEATS, so honest players will have to make a decision to leave or stay.


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        CHEATERS are instantly recognised: watch the end of their cues. If it AUTOMATICALLY adjusts after potting a ball, then you know that you're about to be cheated - and DEFRAUDED out of game chips which you've won HONESTLY.