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    Thank you Brian, I've just reported this player to our Support Team. Please notice that the situation is a common problem in online games and has nothing to do with Silver Tickets (you don't receive a ticket every time you create a new account). But you're right, it's forbidden to play at the same table with more than one account. This kind of behaviour should be reported to our Support Team via this form every time you notice it. Thank you!


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      I have a ticket but when I click on the checkmark it tells me "Failure" and that I only have 3 gold points on account. I am trying to use the ticket not the gold points. On top of that it drains my chips down to 3. When I shut down the app then reipen it the chips come back. I think there is a bug in the system.


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        Hi Wayne, thank you for your message. Could you please give us an information when did that happen? Does the problem still persist? A screenshot would be helpful.


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          Hi Lena. It started yesterday and still persists today.


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            Here is the screenshot of what I have
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              When I click on the green checkmark...
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                And my account after I click "ok"...
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                  Yeah, what happened to the jackpot bronze arena? It WAS giving a base amount of 10K of which the spin would be a multiplier. Yesterday i couldnt get into it at all. it had a sign up indicating it was under construction. Now the multiplier base is only 2K. Why was it lowered by so much? Doubt i will get an answer to this but thought i'd give it a shot.


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                    Wayne Privett - please, try it now.
                    LadyAceQQQ - Jackpot Arena is a new feature and we still experiment with it. If you prefer higher stakes, please, choose Silver Arena or even Golden Arena, which is open during the weekend. There were some technical issues with Jackpot Arena yesterday - we sincerely apologize for that.


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                      Hi Lena. It works now. Thanks. I also noticed the Bronze Arena stakes went down. Instead of 5,000 it's now 1,000 chip buy-in. Haven't tried Silver or Gold yet. Looking forward to it. Thanks a lot for your help!


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                        Yeah, that's about the answer i expected: **** it up and play the big stakes.


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                          2K * 1000 is still a worthwhile Jackpot

                          Click image for larger version

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                              Hi there!,

                              I have problem with jackpot arena button (both free option or 1k). When I click to play, it doesn't go to the table or do anything at all. When I'm refreshing the page I can again click at free arena button but everytime the joining table its doesnt work for me. If i click 1k button chips doesnt withdraw. Problem starts yasterday in both poker version new and classic. Main lobby and regular tables works good. Any ideas how to fix it?

                              edit: problem solved by itself spontaneously
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                                Originally posted by Kitty of the night View Post
                                Bronze Jackpot Tournament

                                Round 1 - Preliminary Round

                                Entry 1000 Coins

                                Prize - Ticket to Round 2


                                Round 2

                                Entry Either Free Ticket (every 8 hours) or Win Round 1 or 4 Gold Points

                                Prize Random (Minimum 4 000 - Maximum 2 000 000 coins)


                                Gold Coins/Pts are tokens that you can buy for REAL CASH. You never need to buy them to play games, but they are a way of speeding things up, competing above your ability/status and funding the site. Gold is need as a universal currency, since international players use different currencies.

                                Main uses of Gold.

                                VIP status - Automatic entry to VIP tournaments. Discounts and other perks.
                                Buying extra chips - Poker, Pool, Bingo, Slots, etc.
                                Bluestacks Kodi Lucky Patcher
                                Buying gifts - Tokens of appreciation for other players. These can only be bought with Gold.

                                Other Uses

                                Jackpot Poker Tournaments
                                Golden Reels Power Ups and repairing submarine
                                Hints and Suffles for Mahjong

                                how much reduction on VIP tournaments?
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