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    Originally posted by ind1vidu View Post
    anyway what to enter for the system , well done you take everything you bought various occasions , bait , and Poles and Brazilians become millionaires site. They have a monopoly . the same players who were with you at the table with 12 cartons of 100 to 100 cartons now plays 5k . no sense to post the amounts given you that make me ashamed
    Around 30% of our players is from Poland, around 20% is from Brazil. So it's natural that there are more winners in these groups. But everyone is treated equally.

    @Impossible2Win@ - every players has the same chanc of winning, it doesn't matter if you use won or bought GameChips.


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      bravo gamedesire bravo site administrators for everything you do not. I'm happy to win not to buy, especially when I see who gets credits at any time and any game. if you buy the one who has 7--8 ... 10M credits, then I do not have what I'm looking for on the site. bravo admini bvo site gooooood byeeeeeeeeeeeeee


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            I bought 8E credits and I won nothing. at the bingo table where I played has earned a gamedesire admin of 4 times and I do nothing. maybe you think you're tricking your customers. **** you and **** all admins and in 2018 you go bankrupt. ****ing porn Polska gamedesire best ****ing all the porn site admin


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