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  • Mis-cue

    I have been getting alot of mis-cues lately and they are getting more and more often, I line the shot up pull back the cue and as I release to play the shot the cue moves and I miss the shot and either lose the game or give the other player points for not hitting the ball chosen. Is anyone else having this sort of problem?

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    Hello Kev, I've been playing this Pool Live Pro for several years. In my other "account" what you're talking about is so bad, nobody can play ab entire game without miscues caused by "someone" else. It's almost like someone is watching???! In an attempt to find out why this was happening, I came and had to register to make a reply to your post. After playing a few games here (I had to make another account), I find the same thing is happening here but not quite as bad. Someone needs to find out what's going on and fix this big problem. I am at why wits end and feel like never playing this game again! Let me know if you find out anything and I'll do the same for you...


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      No-one is taking over your cues, maybe it's you causing the errors not being able to play correctly. Never had any of this in sixteen years.