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Pool is basically for people who can't play snooker

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  • Pool is basically for people who can't play snooker

    Pool is just like 'pot these eight balls in a row and you'll win'

    Pool tables are kids sized

    Pool 'trick shots' are just standard snooker shots.

    Snooker demands subtlety, accuracy, finesse and talent. Pool you don't even need to be sober to play.

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    You're strange, you post in a thread you upload an image of your tiny schlong to try put people off and now you ''think'' only people that play pool are bad snooker players.

    I am good at both. Pool also needs skills and an action plan.

    I just beat someone a very good player and I am sure they were using an aimer 100K snooker and before that 100K 9-ball.

    I used experience, imagination, practise learn't and a game plan to win both.

    You don't like pool don't play it.

    Baby Goats ''kids'' don't play pool. Their hoofs cannot grip the cue.

    How about you post a snooker game you're playing onto a video viewing site so we can mock you.


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      You are a weak little boy. I look forward to beating you one day.


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        Jesus christ, this turned brutal real quick.
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          irl too


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            If what you say is true, then any top snooker player would always win a pro pool tournament. But they don't. Many top snooker players have competed in pool tournaments, they didn't particularly shine. Why would that be, do you reckon?


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              so why are the letting people into Snooker that cheat as well.. like some of the pool players....


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                I am just about ready to throw this game in the bin.... sick of trolls cheating