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Expert Level Table Changes please.

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  • Expert Level Table Changes please.

    There needs to be a 100k table like in pool and there also should be tournaments.

    Other changes I would like to see include, 9 ball tournaments, and well as longer tournaments for 8 ball pool. Maybe with repeating heats.

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    There 100K tables in pool named pro society. I am a beta tester and I have asked admin many times about 9-ball and black-ball cups.
    Same with dominoes I have asked many times.
    There are 8-ball cups, I have won some, 38K for 5K stake is highest.
    I would like to see replay actions, helps one pick up tips and relive a great shot.
    I would like also in cups to view other games in situ.


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      But on expert level snooker expert tables only run to 50, in 9 ball they have them, but its such as fast game it never makes sense to play, snooker is the hall mark of the site and its why i came here. What is your role as a beta tester? You can record your great shots yourself.. Im just about to upload a three red pot. Are there any changes that have been pushed though? Id like to see games where the option to gamble your cue is available. Maybe then the odd times that you beat cheaters will result in getting an awesome cue.


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            Originally posted by Tom Philip View Post
            You again, what you posted has nothing to do with this thread and it's spam.