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anyone care to explain the percentage rating in snooker

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  • anyone care to explain the percentage rating in snooker

    not too happy with the percentage rating in this game, when I start a new game it automatically drops me point one percent, wttf, so for instance I'm currently on 74.2% win rate, I start a game and check my stats and it's suddenly 74.1% before I've even hit a ball. Seems to me that it takes quickly if you lose but takes longer to build if you win, i.e. I won 3 in a row and my percentage jumped up .1%, I lose one and I lose and I lose .2%, it's nonsense

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    You enter game with three wins and one loss, so win ratio is seventy five percent (75%). The current game is added, as the system does not see you winning. You win so four wins and one loss. That is a total of five games played, you now have a 80 percent (80%) win ratio and the other twenty percent (20%) is the loss. If you lost then it's three wins and two losses so your win ratio is two divided by three times one hundred (100). It will be sixty six point six percent (66.6%).

    Simple math.
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      Basslegend , good evening , i read your post as a win rate falling then not rising enough up to several games later . A winner of their 1st 4 games will show as only 80% during their 5th game but then 100% if they win , between games , then again as 85% (5/6 ) during the next game . It may not rise enough because looking at a win rate , after many games , to one decimal point , there is a point where the figure must be rounded up or down , 75.46 for example shows as 75.5 . Sad case that i am , ive found that my new guest account ( factory reset my tablet )never shows my opponent a 100% win rate despite me now pickng off the beginners 37 times in a row . ( yes , i do have a guilty conscience ) . Mind you , fretting over a win rate to one decimal point is just fussy , i hope to god i dont meet you with my guest account . I get the feeling my ruthless winning streak might end


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        Point is as soon as you start playing system does not know if you have won or lost and assumes a loss. it will increase if you win.


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          just seems like you're always battling to get that percentage rate, not the end of the world, but i always feel it moves down quicker than up, I've won 10 games in a row before and it goes up slower than if I lose 10 in a row, then it plummets, I'm just not convinced it's right, but anyhow, thanks for your replies, some too mathematical for me, I do know as I start playing bigger rated players it'll soon be way down this game....and hate it too....