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Why dont i get this view???

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  • Why dont i get this view???

    In a recent game quite by chance this view came up of my opponents shot - needless to say he/she made the pot - I dont ever get his view of this shot - so are they cheating ??? I am sure I will be told it some video innacuracy - but this is typical of what is going on in this site - oh and my opponent has made over 17,000,000 tokens - wow what a coincidence
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    Good morning Jeffshack , this seems straightforward . Hes using one of the three trickshots that players , either recieve a few of , or maybe very rarely buy . They are about 9gbps for 300 from the shop . Use your initial free gold coins to buy a few . Then activate each , but it shows only on your turn , by clicking on the white ball and arrow logo , in the lower left screen. This may be true for android tablets only . Any link with hackers is tenuous , maybe they somehow buy loads or activate the tricks whenever . Its not the long line hack though , as his aim line is thicker and ends early. Millions of coins can be bought , transferred between the pool and snooker sites , or won fairly . If this helps please tick like , so few people use the forum ,so i know im not wasting my time......thanks jeffshack.
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      thanks Neil for a little bit of clarification and btw, yeah, you're surely not wasting your time. thanks


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        They are called tricks and if you don't want them used on you play in the snooker or pool games that don't allow it.


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          I got that view once.... There are three controls at the bottom left of the screen - they look like a cue, a cue ball and a laser pointer. I accidentally clicked on the laser pointer and there were interesting phaser-type sounds from Star trek, and then the green lines, circles and dashes appeared. Yes, I did make the shot because the laser lines showed exactly where the ball was going. I would not have made that shot otherwise.

          BUt I only saw it once... since then those controls at the bottom of my screen are grayed out and don't function. I have not bought any tokesn or anything, so don't know where that laser pointer came from.

          Right now there are so many anomalies while playing snooker that I am not inclined to spend any actual money on this site. The fixes others have suggested have made no difference...