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List of October Cheats.... Now do something about these cheats gamedesire

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    wee58 , good morning , you make some fair points , however I feel I must point out , your screenshots as evidence of cheating does not apply to cheats only , As I wrote earlier I seem to show no flags ( on any of my accounts , but let's not go there ).I carried quite a coin total over from the pool site , and regularly show a retracted cue or no cue at all . It's got to the point where it's spoiling it for me , when I get lip from an opponent , I imagine its because I'm showing that cue glitch , and so just wish him good luck and quit the game


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      I Neil thank you for accepting points are fair, The screenshots are only shots I know, but play the players then, make your own mind up I am sure you are intelligent, and soon come to the conclusion I have also isn't a glitch Neil, as Looking at there Stats proves it isn't , when you see them on 42million played 578 games won 250 impossible even if they played Higest stake tables which looking at them is impossible, as they are unlike snooker players who I have played, for position pool players pot only forget about Color ball lol.....Maybe you are good not saying you are not Neil, but these are NOT good .....


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        Just a message to the biggest snitch here DUDESTAR , I do think you have a thing about me , can I call you my friend now as you seem to troll me all over here even Google also wow must be the saddest person ever to do this..... All because a person said I cheat lol lol ........if I was a cheat I am a bad one as my profile is open ....not to you as you got screw lose ..... and try doing this to a cheat Impossible...I advise you to see someone In the head department ..... as you have got big problems or maybe is it you got a thing for me tel 6650099 anytime you do don't you .........if I had it against a person I have called a cheat for months now , and came across them in Game, I know I would love to beat the crap out of them ...not do what you did run and tell everyone I am biggest cheat here ...... like others have said and if you can read, try reading there comments instead of acting like a spoilt brat .......a cheat will have lots of money, gold coming out there ears and gold cue worth 990 coins something, i would expect NO ONE gets here as pay outs are rubbish ....But I know this will go in one ear and out the other, because you have a one track mind, starting Kangaroo courts in Forums ..... you Dudestar are a joke...... saw your stats no wonder you are always crying ..... grow up act your age, and not your shoe size..... have a lovely Sunday don't forget to ring me save writing about me can tell me personally on phone ciao
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          Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2017-11-24-08-33-15.jpg
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ID:	61796 Have a guess where this is leading . I've never met a proven cheat to this point , but I did wonder before. Asian script, only average win rate , but a high total winnings and high break . He was mouthy right from the start showing "so close "over and over . He left the white short but the opponent missed message shows but disappears leaving it as my turn . Except for two shots everything works apart from the power slide . Now I know a 3rd miss would cost me the game , and he's chirping good game and nice shot . Except this time the power bar works and the balls scatter . His next shot suspiciously lodges between the black and two reds leaving no legal shot . A cheater for sure , manipulating the game and taunting me . But somehow the foul doesn't register . His turn so I show the novice what I can do and willed the white over the corner pocket , you know when the aim line shows a shot is possible but the white flies off to the side . Then nearing game point I miss . What must he have thought when the table reset itself, leaving me to correct my aim and repot the colour . And when I commented " that was hilarious I'm surprised he didn't post my dastardly deeds on here . Maybe he saw her been outfoxed by a better cheat than him
          . Of course the point is NEITHER OF US CHEATED . We would have been unaware of much or it . Leaving his shot short but as my turn was a game fault , leaving 3 touching balls just a fluke as in the real game . . That white in the jaws showing a false shot happens all the time , and the reset table is a connection or tablet fault at my end . As are those black background faults that my opponent won't even see .
          ​​​​​​. A reset table after missing was just lucky , making up for all those times I've had to retake a shot . So could I apologise to my opponent for thinking he was anything but a good , albeit, ****y player (c-o-c-k-y player ! Why doesn't the site let me write that ?)
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            I thought I would add this today, Hanukkah, 12th December 2017.
            ID: 16546267, their cue never drew back and every ball potted (sunk) was dead centre of the pocket.
            They are from Thialand. I was playing 50K snooker.
            I have had this a few times now, maybe around fifty (50), approx.
            Yahoo changed table code to prohibit this, maybe it's time to do that here too.
            Or if this site wrote their own aimer then everyone could use it and there would be an equal situation.

            I also had a similar situation earlier on 25K snooker, a guest player, potting dead centre and making amazing shots, on the simply neat cue.
            I play sometimes, both pool and snooker on my android device and it's very hard trying to get accuracy.

            The guest players can I think, only use an android device, beit a cell-phone or tablet.

            Found another one, Thialand again, ID: 15755459.

            Cost me today 75K in lost tokens.
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