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Cheaters vs Real Players

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  • Cheaters vs Real Players

    Just ended a snooker game with a cheater. I wrote on the chat that he is a pus** and admins wrote that I used baned word and if I use such word once again I will not have posibility to use the game chat for 6 hours.

    Please admins... you should support real players NOT cheaters, NOT someone who is using support apps for aiming!!!

    And question:
    How can I ban such players 'cause I don't wanna play with a cheaters?


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    It's been more or less 24 hours and I don't see answer from mods how can I avoid cheating players. And, oh irony, right now playing with another cheater who is using support apps for aiming.

    I'll place here the nicks of cheating players for those who don't wanna play with cheaters

    1. Guest 130268056