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  • Cursing

    Why is cursing allowed during games? It used to be if certain words came up, and maybe that was with Yahoo poker, you were kicked out of the game and banned for a couple of days. Why not reinstate this rule?

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    I agree certain words should be banned from the game...but for now, all you can do is add that player to your "ignore" list, then you won't see what they post in chat.
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      Ignoring them is an options, but now you are just enabling them. Something needs to be done with Toby Yoder, he's always cursing at everyone.


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        It's the stolen image they're using as their avatar d00d. I have told Anja and she is contacting google and also gamedesire.

        Today they will create 12-14 new i.d's.

        They are an attention seeker, if like me they had two i.d's my main is this and my name and did a little harmless banter and were nice, then fine, but they got at my last count 8,044 usernames. I don't want my religion questioned, I accept every other religion and I don't want my family insulted.

        They once stole my partners image and made an i.d. with it.

        Gamedesire removed it.

        They once typed that my partner is a Paki doctor, my partners origins are afrocaribbean and she is British born and bred in Hackney, East London.

        My partner is training to be a doctor, but of education, not medicine.

        I found this out as I visit players often and was shocked to see my Suzies image.

        I have taken screenshots and forwarded them to Dawid, or Daniel many times and instead of their i.p. being banned they get a six hour warning.

        I do beleive they got an i.p. ban once, however they changed their i.s.p. or are using a library computer, now.

        I know their main i.d. miss_astley got a lifetime ban.

        This user on 23rd December 2017 at 13:05 typed ''I am leaving and never coming back as of January 1st 2018'' That was a lie it's nearly August 2018 and they're still around.

        They type the F*** ( I added asterix's) the C**** words and they don't get a warning, however I have typed xchoo xchoo train without x's and that got me a warning, the word for a male Chicken got a warning, a d00d was typing about them so I got involved as it was interesting, also I typed xschmuck which means ignorance not a curse or swear word I got a warning. I have typed many legitimate words and got a warning, they are not swear or cuss.

        The swear filter is a joke.


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          I don't think there is a swear filter. A six hour warning is not nearly enough. They should be immediately kicked out of the game and be suspended for a few days


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            Originally posted by txdude8 View Post
            I don't think there is a swear filter. A six hour warning is not nearly enough. They should be immediately kicked out of the game and be suspended for a few days
            There is a swear filter, myself and many others have typed this already.

            Problem is the swear filter is a joke.


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              Hi together,

              if you had added someone you can in Poker write what you want without cursing filter. In canasta the filter works everywhere.
              Cursing filter in Poker works just in open chat in private chats I think not. I get so many insults in polish and Brasil.. but ignore button works in Poker very well, unfortunately in Canasta not...


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                This player, Toby Yoder talks like this to everyone, there is no need for players like this.


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                  Cursing is a serious problem among players, we admit it. If you see inappropriate behaviour you can also make a screenshot and sent it to our Support Team (via "Contact" bookmark on the bottom of GameDesire). A lot of players have been temporarily banned this way.


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                    Lena, see the above screenshot.


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                      Originally posted by txdude8 View Post
                      Lena, see the above screenshot.
                      There's no screenshot above.


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                        why can I see and you can't? Can anyone else see it?