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  • Bronze Level Arena multipliers


    I have a question about the multipliers for the Bronze level tourneys. Are the X8, X10, X100, & X1000 multipliers there only for show? I have been playing the bronze tourney twice a day almost daily for the last four months at least(it's probably been closer to six months), and I have only been getting the X2 & X4 multiplier. On rare occasions, I may get to play in a X6, but those are few and very far between. I am almost certain I have not played in a X8 and I know I have never played in a X10, X100, or X1000. Given how often I have been consistently playing, law of averages would dictate that I at least played in one of the bigger multiplier games.
    So I ask again GameDesire, are those bigger multipliers there just for show? An explanation would be nice please.

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    I have played all the multipliers including 1 x100 and 2 x 1000. They are rare, but I think it is more exciting that they are.