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    The sound coming out of the theatre is so loudly that the building and people waiting in line to the free series could sense it outside.

    "Great images. Great sound," says one guy.

    1 teenager requests his adult chaperone.

    Others are poking around, looking at the exhibit outside, that includes a interactive tv screen device. If you want to know about difference between 2 way 3 way and 4 way click here:

    This type of high-tech amusement is nothing new from Southern California, where entertainment parks for decades have offered 3-D video with surround sound and also audio-animatronics, together with virtual reality only round the corner. However, this $1 million audio-visual exhibit left Long Beach to proceed on the street this month to get 75 appearances all over the country.

    It kind of folds to itself inside a giant trailer therefore that it could be pushed around country by veteran trucker Les Hunnel, that gave up transporting cargo last winter to eventually become its showmaster. It is possessed by Long Beach-based Kenwood USA, that hopes that the traveling commercial can assist the 30-year-old stereo firm become a household phrase at this time.

    "It is similar to Sony. Everybody understands Sony. We are an entertainment business. We do not only sell stereos."

    "Our competitors are coming, scoping out us, taking notes" Mason says.

    As interested race-goers happen by, they originally observe that a BMW, outfitted with the most recent auto sound system, and a screen of different automobile stereos and speakers (What are the best 4 inch, 4x6, 6.5, 6x9 car audio speakers in the world | Top rated best car speakers) , similar to that observed in a car music shop. Except this screen includes a interactive television program which allows patrons to input their automobiles' model and make and receive recommendations on the type of stereo they ought to buy, complete with projected price. Other interactive displays supply pictures and information about Kenwood's host of different products -- everything from two-way radios to phones.

    These screens, and products in glass cases, are below a tent attached to what appears like an empty truck. It had been first filmed, in part, in Paramount Studios.

    "We do not wish subliminal advertisements, messages stating 'Kenwood, Kenwood,'" says Mason, though Kenwood and its logo will be featured during the movie. "We did not want only an informational movie about products. We desired to have something which allows you get carried away with your creativity"

    The products, the more interactive tracks and the movie are most patrons view, and that is more than enough. However, there's considerably more to the attraction on wheels.

    If the screen, as an instance, is seeing a Kenwood trader, and a patron expresses interest in buying a brand new method because of his home or automobile, he might be escorted from the seller's salesperson to the vehicle's VIP lounge, that is located in between the cab and the theatre. Interior is a little living room, complete with coffee maker, refrigerator, blender (like creating margaritas, based on trucker Hunnel), a microwave, and a facsimile and telephone, two-way radios, also a television screen, a ham radio, and a stereo (obviously) and (hidden behind cabinets) the personal computer system which runs the movie.

    "At seller shows, a few people come and watch the movie, do exactly the touchy-feely item, and purchase something straight away," explains Mason.

    However, in racetrack sideshows, nothing is available. The entire exhibit is designed only to raise awareness, but Mason claims that the corporation will shortly be handing out catalogs of Tour de Force clothes. People that express a real interest in buying equipment are known to your 1-800 number or into your dealer in their place.

    Whether it is not utilized to coax VIPs, the couch doubles as a sanctuary for Kenwood employees. And there's a terrace space, above the theatre, where patrons can see the race (or even in the instance of the Long Beach Grand Prix, see the expo). Whenever the Tour de Force is outside, the upstairs terrace space could be outfitted with sofa chairs and also a pub as a trackside monitoring deck.

    All this folds up within the 16-wheel "theatre" trailer. The best deck has been lowered, getting a kind of slide, through which around 2 presentation cars could be pushed indoors. Then the ground is raised, making space for storage of their sound equipment and exhibits underneath the automobiles.

    Things are pretty comfy at the cab also, in which Hunnel includes a bed, a TV with VCR, another facsimile machine, a mobile phone with "speaker phone" capabilities that closed the stereo out, a police-band scanner, even a choice of stereos and a CD program using 10-CD changer capabilities.

    "I will listen to music for hours without even changing something," states Hunnel.

    "Sure I can not convince you to be a catalyst?"
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