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NOTE to Gamedesire....This is what we need.....

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  • NOTE to Gamedesire....This is what we need.....

    Gamedesire should make a game with a Poker deck designed for older players.

    Click image for larger version

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  • #2 the traditional black & red suit colors pls!


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      Nice one
      About four-color deck - you can disable it in the Settings section Patricia@ya679, (top right corner of the game window).

      Non-official solution for too small texts (just for now):
      1. Open Poker Live Pro 2017
      2. Press Ctrl+ a couple of times to see "175%" value - it's possible to play now. The game isn't perfectly sharp, but it's bigger.


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        Thanks for the info. After playing 2-color decks for 50+ years, the 4-colors are distracting (brain farts). I also miss "private chat" with PokerLivePro.


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          Some people have vision issues and the 4 color brain farts are a big help


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            The worrying thing is that shameless Walmart are marketing such a deck for kids to play poker
            Click image for larger version

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              Good question - is it bad to teach children how to play poker if we treat it like any other card game? I don't know the answer, but it's an interesting topic to discuss.


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                Can't be any worse than games like MONOPOLY...where the object is to win all the money by bankrupting the other players or RISK, where your army fights with others for control of the world.


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                  Monopoly and Risk are terrible games and are not marketed at infants. You will never see Monopoly or Risk being played at a boardgames club. There are some better Monopoly inspired games such as Broadway and Fortune in which all players can make money throughout the game. Risk has spawned no other boardgames. The nearest game to it is probably the far more sophiticated, "Britania", which closely mimics the successive invasions of ancient Britain. The constant new invasions, prevent any tribe from dominating.

                  Children are much happier playing Poker Dice games, inc Yatzy. The only "gambling" card game suitable for young children (with adults) is Newmarket. Each round of Newmarket, every player pays a small ante and places a fixed amount on one of four horses (A, K, Q, J rainbow). The game is fairly slow, with minimal skill. Very little money/chips can be won/lost.


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                    I am diabetic so my eye sight changes from bad to good regulary.

                    However five years ago I was advised to wear glasses.

                    I have distance and reading.

                    I use reading for games here and to read.

                    I have a 23.5 inch l.c.d. monitor and layout is fine.

                    If one has problems reading anything here in their native tongue they need to visit an optometrist.