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    We kindly inform that from today stakes 1/2 won't be available in the game. See you at stakes 5/10 (or higher)!

    Some actions made during the year (Progressive Daily Bonus, Jackpot Arena, Missions, contests and bonuses in social media, freeroll tournaments with bigger prize pools) caused something what we can call "inflation" and that's the reason for our decision.

    All the best,
    Lena & The Poker Team

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    A sensible thing to do. Having 4 micro levels was too many anyway.

    However, I hope this rampant inflation is not going to be too regular an event, because it noticeably devalues any chips already won/bought. Regular players also need time to adjust to the relatively high value of the Bronze Jackpot Arena.

    Another danger of having many more free chips is that they will be spent on more and more annoying random All-in/Rebuys, rather than moving players up a level. This should not be too much of a problem for Table and Sit and Go games, but it is with the Event tournaments; because there isn't a linear heirarchy of events that players can move up through.

    With more players now playing "Low" tier Sit and Go tournaments, please can we have extra tables made available.