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    This is a dam joke...Quests....i think i have won 2 times on it since it was installed.....please go back to the program that was before at least u had a chance to win a few chips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I had to laugh when I saw this quest ....

    " 3 * Straight Flush "

    Click image for larger version

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      I got to ask, what's the deal with the first quest Claim daily bonus and no "x" there to replace it. And why we have to wait so long for other quest. 5 hours for other quest, that's stupid.
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        _Razzy__ - could you please tell us the reason why you prefer the older Quests over the current ones? We'd appreciate it a lot.

        Kitty of the night

        Originally posted by Kitty of the night View Post
        I had to laugh when I saw this quest ....

        " 3 * Straight Flush "

        There is only one Straight Flush on the screen, the middle one. Please, look carefully. You have a possibility of replacing one Quest with another one once per 24 hours.

        romanisme - you can't skip the first Quest because it belongs to special group of Onboarding Quests. There's only a couple of them and there is no possibity of skipping them.


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          The quest was to complete 3 straight flushes. That is why it says 0/3, if you look carefully. There were also 0/2 and 0/1 straight flush quests to complete.

          One of the problems with the new quests is that they are level dependent. I do no see why players should be forced into playing games at a particular level.

          The second noticable thing is that there are less quests.

          I think that all Razzy was saying is that it with the old quests you could be sure to complete several quests at a single sitting, whereas with the newer quests you might not even complete one.

          When I first started playing I found the old quests a good way of setting myself a playing limit or target. For example I would play until I had won 10 or 25 hands.

          The latest quests I think are the worst incarnation. Very repetitive and they encourage players to play with inappropriate cards, which cannot be a good thing. Much better, if you have to win hands rather than just play hands. Also limping in with 2,3 to complete a quest doesn't give me any sense of achievement.

          Aesthetically the old quests looked nicer as well.

          I think you should keep in mind that it is mostly new players and players who spend short amounts of time playing, that prefer to play the table games.


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            Thank you Kitty of the night - I am forwarding your feedback to the dev team. Your post from March 23 shows older version of Quests (the design is new, but as an "old" player you still see the older tasks). We don't define on what stakes a task should be completed anymore. Quests like the one in the middle are hard to complete, but also the prize for completing them is higher. You can dismiss the Quest that you don't like. It will re-apprear after some time and maybe finally - you'll fulfill the conditions and get the prize.

            We will be constatly improving the "Quests" feature to find the perfect balance between old and new system.

            You may try the newest version of our game, Poker Live Pro 2017, and share your impressions about Quest design there: