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    As you probably have heard, some of the main "players" on the internet browsers market have plans to not support Flash technology anymore. Part of our games use that technology, so we did some preparations...

    In every bad situation there is an element of good.

    Look at the short video below and see a sneak peek of what's coming:

    Because it's a BETA version, you'll have a great opportunity to test the game, share your feedback and make a difference.

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    I notice the new "FACEBOOK GAME ROOM" is using Flash so I doubt it will disappear in the near future. I've tried the Beta Unity version and it had possibilities...but has a way to go before its equal to your Flash version. Will you be changing all the games...Pool, etc?


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      It seems like it will be a process, "saying goodbye" to Flash. For sure for a while Flash and Unity versions of poker will be active simuntanously. About other games - Unity version of Bingo is available already
      1. Click here:
      2. Scroll to the bottom
      3. Choose "Desktop"
      4. Choose "Unity (html5)"

      We will inform you about our plans regarding other games as soon as we know anything for sure.


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        Chat and Buddies section is coming to Poker Live Pro 2017 (BETA) very soon! Stay tuned Another beta tests will start with the update.

        Click image for larger version

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          Our poker game has been through a lot of changes recently! We’re constantly working on making the game better and there will be even more new features in the near future. But here’s what we’ve done so far and what we’re up to:


          - The ‘Jackpot Arena’ mode has been upgraded to a much higher level.
          All of the stakes and prizes have been increased. We’ve received a lot of suggestions from you guys to launch more tournaments for high stakes players and this is the first step of our response to that.

          Click image for larger version

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          Jackpot Arena now:

          Bronze Arena
          1st Round (5 Players)
          Buy-In: 5,000 Chips
          Prize: 10,000 Chips + 1 ticked to the 2nd Round

          2nd Round (3 Players)
          Buy-In: 15 Coins
          Prize: 20,000-10,000,000 Chips

          Silver Arena
          1st Round (5 Players)
          Buy-In: 25,000 Chips
          Prize: 50,000 Chips + 1 ticked to the 2nd Round

          2nd Round (3 Players)
          Buy-In: 75 Coins
          Prize: 100,000-50,000,000 Chips

          Golden Arena (opened only occasionaly)
          1st Round (5 Players)
          Buy-In: 100,000 Chips
          Prize: 200,000 Chips + 1 ticked to the 2nd Round

          2nd Round (3 Players)
          Buy-In: 300 Coins
          Prize: 400,000-200,000,000 Chips

          - We have improved the ‘Chat’ and ‘Buddies’ sections in Poker Live Pro 2017.
          You can switch side-windows and put the sections on the side that you prefer, and you can also expand the window (3 sizes available).

          Click image for larger version

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          And what about our plans?

          We intend to make Poker Live Pro 2017 functionally equal to previous versions of the game, so our next moves are:
          - Quests,
          - MTTs (multi-table tournaments).

          We have already started work on both projects. However, we want to improve them before transferring them to PLP 2017. Our plan is to make them much more complex than before. Full details coming soon, but for now I can tell you one secret - MTTs will finally have a proper calendar feature!


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            Good decision For those who get broke every day like me Good to win 20k or 40k


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              It is very sad that Gamedesire feels the need to promote smoking smelly cancer sticks. Could you not find a more Human friendly picture for Jackpot Arena?


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                We've just implemented two new features in Poker Live Pro 2017: Calendar and MTT tournaments.
                Further improvements are planned for the following weeks. Please, look at the functionality and share your feedback with us.

                Click image for larger version

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                  The new version of hold'em is garbage. Thanks for ruining it.


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                    Originally posted by steve2837 View Post
                    The new version of hold'em is garbage. Thanks for ruining it.