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  • Jackpot Arena

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    What is the Jackpot Arena?

    The Jackpot Arena consists of two rounds.

    The first is a winner-take-all 5 player sit & go with a buy-in of 1,000 GameChips. Take first place for a prize of 2,000 GameChips and entry into round 2.

    Round 2 is a 3 player spin & go where the prize pool is determined by a jackpot spin and can get as high as 1,000 times the buy-in!

    If that’s too much for you, take the easier path by buying into round 2 with gold or using your free round 2 ticket, which you’ll receive every 8 hours.


    *Jackpot for Royal Flush isn't available anymore. Bad Beat Jackpot stays as it was.

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    Jacpot Arena is available in Flash version of the game now, but it will be launched on mobile very soon.


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      You say you can buy into round 2 with gold. What are you talking about? Is "gold" the same as game chips? How much "gold" is the buyin? Also, are you saying that I'll receive a Round 2 ticket every 8 hours regardless of whether I play in Round 1?


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        Okay, so I won round 1. When does round 2 start? Is there some way of knowing?


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          LadyAceQQQ please, go into the game and choose Jackpot Arena icon from the lobby, then - follow the instruction. There is "i" icon on the pop-up window with more informations about Jackpot Arena. If it won't help - I'll show you everything on screenshots tomorrow

          PS. Silver Arena is open! ))


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            Okay, the i only repeats, verbatim, every single word you said above. If that answered my questions, I wouldn't be asking them. The questions still remain unanswered. Do I click on round 2 after winning round 1 or does round 2 just come up? is there a certain time of the day for round 2? If I won round 1 and click on round 2, does it take money out of me or not? I won round 1 and not sure how to get to round 2.

            Is "gold" the same as game chips? How much "gold" is the buyin? Also, are you saying that I'll receive a Round 2 ticket every 8 hours regardless of whether I play in Round 1?



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              Ok, so The round 2 can be played whenever you want, you simply need to own a ticket. The ticket can be bought or won it the 1st round. So after winning the 1st round you own the ticket and now, anytime you want, you can go to the lobby again and choose "Jackpot Arena" mode. You'll see a pop-up window:

              Click image for larger version

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              There is "No free tickets here" text in the bottom of it. If you own tickets - there is a different text and the button is active. That's how you start the 2nd round of Jackpot Arena.

              Even if you didn't win the 1st round, the button activates every 8 hours - that's because you receive a free ticket to Bronze Arena from us.

              I'm sorry if I didn't give you a full answer yesterday, but I wasn't sure which part isn't clear for you.

              Have a nice day and good luck!


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                You say "the button". Which "button" are you talking about? In your picture above, where is the "button"? Here's what I see:
                - the label on the top ("Silver Arena")
                - pictures of J tickets
                - middle area where it says Ticket + 10,000
                - next area where is say 10 000 000
                - bottom area where it says "no free tickets here"
                Which is round 1? Which is round 2? What is everything else?
                It said I had a ticket after round 1 but when I clicked on the middle area it took the 4 G coins. Why? What am I doing wrong?

                And I'll reiterate my UNanswered questions from above in the vain hope that you'll actually answer them this time.
                Is "gold" the same as game chips? How do "gold" coins equate to game coins?


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                  Hello LadyAceQQQ, it's Murkaa from a different account.

                  - Which button? I wrote: "There is "No free tickets here" text in the bottom of it. If you own tickets - there is a different text and the button is active". So "the button" is the part with "No free tickets here". It's active, if you own a ticket.
                  - Round I is called "Preliminary" on the screen above, round II is called "Jackpot Arena". You can access round I with 5000 gamechips OR you can go directly to the round II with 20 Gold Points.

                  If you own a free ticket you can use the third button - please, look at the screen below:

                  Click image for larger version

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                  Gold is a different currency than GameChips, you can call it a "premium currency". While you're in our shop there are bookmarks on the top of it: GameChips, Gold Points, VIP Accounts


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                    Bronze Jackpot Tournament

                    Round 1 - Preliminary Round

                    Entry 1000 Coins

                    Prize - Ticket to Round 2


                    Round 2

                    Entry Either Free Ticket (every 8 hours) or Win Round 1 or 4 Gold Points

                    Prize Random (Minimum 4 000 - Maximum 2 000 000 coins)


                    Gold Coins/Pts are tokens that you can buy for REAL CASH. You never need to buy them to play games, but they are a way of speeding things up, competing above your ability/status and funding the site. Gold is need as a universal currency, since international players use different currencies.

                    Main uses of Gold.

                    VIP status - Automatic entry to VIP tournaments. Discounts and other perks.
                    Buying extra chips - Poker, Pool, Bingo, Slots, etc.
                    Buying gifts - Tokens of appreciation for other players. These can only be bought with Gold.

                    Other Uses

                    Jackpot Poker Tournaments
                    Golden Reels Power Ups and repairing submarine
                    Hints and Suffles for Mahjong


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                      Meet the biggest winner of Jackpot Arena so far - AureliaMunt - congratulations!


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                        First big Jackpot that I have seen happened this morning. A cool Million.

                        Click image for larger version

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                        Congratulations Wex


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                          Wow Who won? The biggest won for me was 60k.


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                            Thank you for leeting us know, @Brian - it should work fine now.


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                              Yes, every so often when you click to play, it doesn't go to the table or do anything at all, the timer just starts over for the next free ticket.