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    Well, that didn't last long, next hand with KK, an ace flops.


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      my POV for the "bad" poker play on GameDesire LTD... always follow the money
      GameDesire – main markets Diverse Gamedesire audience:
      - Poland – 30 % (player's skill... well, the CEO is a polish business man and the company's HQ is in Poland)
      - Brasil – 20 % (player's skill... super maniac, very impulsive, ready to buy more chip$$$ or open a fake account)
      - USA – 10 %
      - Western Europe – 10 %
      - Eastern Europe – 5 %
      - Turkey – 5 %
      - Other – 20 %

      "... 27. Conclusions • In order to be succesful in different culture market you need to develop inter-cultural intelligence and use it practically • The bigger difference between culture the more important inter-cultural intelligence is • Gulf countries should be treated as a separate, important income source for web game portalsGulf countries were found to have an extraordinary whale occurrence rate • Investing in acquiring users from Gulf countries and proper „cultural” treatment pays off

      we are not poker players... we are an important income source


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        It's back to an ace flopping when I have KK. The last 15 times, only once an ace didn't flop. Think about the odds of that happening? There are only four aces in the deck, and a ace has flopped 93% of the time. I may not know much about poker odds, but this can not be right.


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          Chance of an Ace on the flop is 24%
          Chance of pairing an ace on the flop is 18%

          Chance of an ace flopping 5 times in a row is 1 an a thousand
          Chance of an ace flopping 10 times in a row is 1 in a million

          I shall do a independent sample of 10 KK hands to check if there is any bias.


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            Hello everyone. It's good to read this article:

            It's exactly what Puck Watts said, but with more details. Probability of flopping an Ace 5 times in a row is low, but only if you try to predict it BEFORE these 5 hands. But at the same time probability of hitting an Ace in a single flop is high. And that's what really matters - becasue previous hands DO NOT have impact on following hands. The fact that there was an Ace in the flop in the previous hand doesn't mean that in the current hand chances of an Ace flopping are any lower.


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              So Lena, you are saying 14 out of 15 times an ace flops, when I'm holding pocket Kings, can be normal, because the previous hand doesn't count? I'm not saying someone else in the hand has an Ace, just why does this happen at a rate of 93%? I'm also saying an ace is not flopping 10 times in a row, just when I'm holding KK and have seen it with other players,


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                I have completed my sample of ten contested hands holding KK

                The flop results were

                x x x x x A x A A x

                3 flopped Aces is just 1 more than the expected probability.

                No evidence of bias

                Lena is correct to point out that when collecting you sample you MUST discard any results that you already have. For example if you see a run of 5 flopped Aces, you might think that is suspicious and then take note of the next 5 contested KK hands. Statistically you can only attach any significance to the second set of 5 hands, because the first set were in fact a certainty.


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                  The problem with chat freezing is STILL occurring. I am using Windows 10 and the EDGE browser and playing in the Unity version. It is really annoying because I have to leave the table and then return to restore my chat. It SEEMS to be related to when I receive a message while playing. PLEASE fix this...I know it is happening to many other players.


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                    I guess I just get bad luck. I recorded the last 10 times I was dealt KK, and an ace flopped 60% of the time, The average should be 22.5%. Of the four times an ace didn't flop, one came on the turn, another hand two other players were holding an ace and another one player had an ace. So under those circumstances an ace flopping would be even less. Fortunately for me on one hand an ace did flop and another player was holding an ace, a King also flopped. So you are saying this is just my bad luck along with the numerous times players hit straights, flushes and full houses on the river.