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    I tried the new game and it took awhile to figure it out. You need instructions basically. Why don't you make the new version look and be just like the flash version which is quick and easy to learn, navigate, and play. Additionally as of right now Opera browser runs flash just fine. Personally I won't be using the new version if flash is discontinued and the new version isn't more user friendly.


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      Who else will go on the site to win 4-8k? Will Bonus Be 200% Daily? these days have been players but let's see tomorrow .... today I did not win the 4k at poker do you think I can not wait 8 hours can I win? ha ha ha


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        POT LIMIT OMAHA no longer has limit betting. Surely it should be what it says it is. Personally I think Omaha works miuch better with a pot limit, but either way the game should at least match its tilte.


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          Hello Kitty. You're right, there is no longer PLO, there is NLO now. We've recently change the game version to meet the many requests of the players. We will observe the feedback and game statistics. If it turn out that most of the players prefer PLO, maybe it will be possible to add it too.

          Where do you see "Pot Limit Omaha" title? It's possible that it hasn't been changed everywhere.


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            In the Flash version I do not think the Omaha banners have been changed at all. The main icon has Pot Limit written on it. In the table selection area in also says Pot limit at the top.

            Would it be possible to have a choice between Pot Limit and No Limit Omaha as they do attract very different types of players? Since the limit was removed all I have experienced is players moving immediately All-In pre-flop on almost every hand. For players who like to treat poker as a lottery I can see that Omaha will appeal more than Holdem, as they will win a higher percentage of hands. However, they will drive away players who prefer a more intellectual challenge and who wish to improve their game. If 60% prefer one form over the other why ignore the other 40%. It does not seem logical.


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              Originally posted by txdude8 View Post
              for the past week, I have never seen so many players winning on the river. It has happen over and over again, and with hands that are less than 20% chance of winning. Is there something wrong with your program?
              I still believe this is true, I have never seen so many hit full houses and flushes on the river to win a pot. I have A-6 and the flop is 6,6,10, check and an donkey, who constantly bets her whole stack, which is 4000 at this time, goes all in. I call, she has a 10, and hits another ten on the river, there are only 2 other tens, but this happens over and over again. Why are you rewarding this type of play? Get rid of the 9xBB button, all it does is promote bad play.
              Keep track of how many hands are won on the river and how many times you would of won on the river if you had played your hand.