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    Originally posted by Murkaa View Post
    @ßrian - about the tournament that you mentioned - it seems perfectly normal. Here you can find the winners (there are three premium places): But I decided to give you back your buy-in, because of difficulties that you experienced. 100K GameChips has been added to your account.

    flammingrredhead txdude8 SLAYURCRU - that's the endless discussion about poker, it's as old as the game itself, I suppose
    Thank you.

    Hopefully that bug gets looked into.
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      WHAT IS WITH THE SPECIAL EVENT TOURNAMENTS LATELY?????? They freeze up ALL THE TIME, and sometimes for over 30 minutes!!!!! I was just in the noon Olympic satellite when it froze up. I tried hitting refresh but when it came back it showed the tournament going on, and I was in it but I couldn't sit down at the table. I tried putting something about it on Facebook, but no response. This happened with the basketball tournaments too. One of them was the one that was frozen up for over 30 minutes. After trying a second one, and having the same thing, I just gave up on those tournaments and never played another one.

      Not only that, but when the screen came back up after the refresh it wouldn't list any of the regular tournaments in the listings either.

      I dont' know what it is but lately these special tournaments are just not worth the aggravation. Your tournaments NEVER used to be like this. I'm also seeing a lot fewer people signing up for them than there used to be, and I think that might be why - all the technical problems.

      Personally, I give up on the special tournaments. I'm going back to just playing the regular crap.


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        Hello LadyAceQQQ, thank you for your message. We're working on bringing everything back already, sorry for the inconvenience. Probably the tournament will be cancelled and repeated on a different day. You'll have your rebuys back, too. We'll look into this tournaments-related issue carefully.


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          Meanwhile, I can't sign up for ANY other tournaments. It's totally frozen, including sit&go tournaments. The only thing I can play is the tables. That's it. I can't even bring up a complete list in the tournament section. When will that get fixed?


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            It works already, I suppouse. Please, check if it works for you too. We cancelled the tournament and gave all rebuys back. The tournament will be repeated on some other day.


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              What game, tournament or stakes would someone play for the most realistic Texas Hold'em experience on this site? Too many times I end up in games with people that just go all in on every hand no matter what.


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                Beta testing

                iPhone and iPad.

                the order in which the tournaments are listed under micro free roll it goes from 5000 stardust the next one listed is gladiator 4000 and then we had the wolverine for 500 in the wolverine for 100 and 1000 then 5000 and then the starters for 1000 starters for 500 start is for 100 and then the tournament tornado for 5000 the stardust for 500 Stardust for 5000 there seems to be no order two things.

                I did play that on my iPhone and my iPad. Everything seem the same.

                BETA version on the PC:

                whenever I re-bought chips during the game should've given me 100,000 it gave me 99,000 I tried it twice to be sure.

                I did not see where there was any kind chat or recap of the hand who won the hand. Or with what they won with.

                Also on the PC version I had to change my resolution because the cards and the hand were way too small compared to the cards in the middle of the table (I do have a sight impairment i'm legally blind in one eye)

                The Leave table button is so dark it's hard to find.


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                  Okay, when I started playing here, I wrote it off to random chance and frequency of hands. But I am definitely starting to see a incredibly large number of extremely low odd hands hitting on the river over and over and over. And just to be clear, this is both for and against.
                  I am also seeing a large volume of really poor stating hands hitting the nuts on the flop or turn. And I am not talking about 1 or 2 hands over 30 minutes of play. I am talking 3-4 hands in a row sometimes. Like 7-2 off, 9-3 off etc etc (Frequently flopping 2 pair and Full Houses on the Turn)
                  I am definitely getting the feeling that intentionally or not this sites programming rewards staying in till the river to the point where people stay in with hands that win far beyond their statistical average. And again, that is for me and against me. So it's not a sore loser situation.


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                    Originally posted by Lena View Post

                    Thank you Merc26 and stitch16 , I've noticed the same things yesterday, we definitly must repair these mistakes
                    Sometimes when a friend joins the game their avatar doesn't.....Instead you see the avatar of a player who just left, it remains in the game for 6-10 hands. Then the friendsavatar replaces it. Not a big problem and it has cause a few laughs when a lady friend joins and it's a mans picture ....with a beard....


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                      I was wondering shouldn't VIP members get at least one VIP tournament a month. For being VIP members??? Also is there anyway we can tournaments running through out the night ? The Pluto tournament is last one of the day. Some players I know would like to play in tournaments but they can't play during day just another suggestion maybe someone can answer my post also ??
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                        When a player isn't at the table, why not show how many chips they have?


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                          I am lost for words I just watched. The Green All in tournament and guess who wins it a player that is AWAY. That's right AWAY if a player is AWAY in a All in tourney they should be disqualified right ? Maybe this can be fixed in future .


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                            Question for the conspiracy theorists. Can you work out who won this Hollywood hand at the end of today's Easter Bunny tournament? (HINT: it was the least likely result.)

                            AKs Puck ALL-IN
                            QQ MrX CALL
                            99 MsY ALL -IN

                            333 Flop
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                              I think it was you A or K on the river


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                                romanisme Nice try , but the server did better

                                Question for the conspiracy theorists. Can you work out who won this Hollywood hand at the end of today's Easter Bunny tournament? (HINT: it was the least likely result.)

                                AKs Puck ALL-IN
                                QQ MrX CALL
                                99 MsY ALL -IN

                                333 Flop (I have only 6 outs, MsY has less)

                                3 Turn ( 3333A - I win surely now?)

                                A River (Split Pot)
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