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  • Dominoes

    Please help. I am new to this new dominoes layout I played on the old table. Why when I play dominoes I can not grab the dominoes of which I choose to play, the computer makes a play for me instead. In the past I would grab the dominoe I wish to play with my mouse and drop it to the table to make a play but now it won't let me maybe I am doing something wrong. Help!!!!!

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    Hello theronron66. You can choose the tile - you should click on the tile that you want to use and than on the table.


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      What annoys me are people that play too slow and to make it worse allow the computer to play for them.

      Also, I have played numerous games, an example, I am playing a 500K game and I am on 85 and my opponent is on 15, I have one tile left blank one.
      My partner digs the pot and draws a hard end for all ends, double four.
      Game is blocked so I don't get the total of my opponents tiles, they are all taken off my score and I end up on minus twenty.
      The rules are in the forty plus years I have played dominoes is I get their tile points added to my score.
      However the kind people at gamesdesire refunded me.
      I did lose the game and my opponent just kept writing to me why I got screwed. So I am probably not the only one that has noticed this.

      Also it would be good to have nines and also no spinners and tile numbers added up at the end of each had.
      50, 100, 250 and 500 would be great also.
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        give it up another game which get ignored, I have not seen a single update or fix in 3 years to this game


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          Originally posted by luvhusky View Post
          give it up another game which get ignored, I have not seen a single update or fix in 3 years to this game
          Hello I am a beta tester here and if the game freezes contact admin and they will refund you best to add a screenshot also.

          I have been reporting many times some problems which I mentioned up this board and I think they are fixing them.

          I had a couple of freezes in 500K and I was refunded.