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  • Items gone missing.

    Hello everyone.

    Around eighteen months ago, my diabetes became so bad, I was blind, could only see blurs for nearly thirteen (13) months.
    It then settled down and I got new reading glasses, however, it went bad again for three (3) months, then settled again.
    I decided to come back and play, I was expecting when I logged in all my tokens, all my statistics and all the fifteen (15) to twenty (20) different cues I purchased.
    NO! all gone, back to zero, my one one nine (119) snooker break gone, my eighty (80) per-cent ball games wins gone, nothing.
    I have asked these people that run this site to deal with it and they refuse.

    So my question is, has this happened to anyone else?

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    That is awful.
    They should check their records as by E.U. law they must keep a log and give you back what you lost.
    I too suffer as a diabetic and my eye sight can be awful.
    I have a few pairs of reading glasses with differing resolutions so I can keep up.
    One day my monitor is a blur, was for around six months, then my medication got changed and that helped with my vision.
    D00d, see your g.p. and ask for stronger meds.
    If what happened to you happened to me, I would seek legal advice.


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      Join date: July 2017... of course they wouldn't be there, you're on a different account from your one which seems to be 1year+ from your situation.