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    Thank you very much for info and pic Kitty of the night. The game is awesome but no informations. "JACKPOT! The higher you bet, the BETTER your chances to win the JACKPOT EVERY SPIN is a chance to WIN BIG" that's what is say at jackpot. It is possible to win a grand jackpot with 50 bet? I won a super jackpot with 800 bet. And a grand jackpot with 400 bet. I don't think is fair that a person to win super jackpot then after 1 minute grand jackpot.
    Kitty with 2500 bet you won any mega jackpot? Good luck for mega!
    I have to wait 4 hours for that 750 coins, but that's ok I'm struggling. Hope to win a grand jackpot. Sometimes you win when you least expect.
    I'm using internet explorer now.


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      I won a grand jackpot of 85198 coins. After a month. Hope to get more.


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        Hello! I'am at level 40 now. I began to play Salsa Night. I had like 10000 coins i lost all and no jackpot. Don't know but i think even if i play alone for one hour i don't win any jackpot.The game don't give u any chance. Alwayse the same winners.