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    I would like to start by saying it is nice to have these games as they are a fresh approach compared to the stale Golden Reels Slot games.


    You have to level up to unlock new games.

    The Triple Jackpot Structure - Grand, Super and Mega. Nice to see you used my idea and incorporated it into Lucky Star.

    Bonus for leveling up.

    Opportunity to purchase bonus spins after your bonus spins are completed.

    The ability to spin mini games while playing the main game.

    Daily Loyalty Bonus

    No need for friends or power ups.


    Chat Lobby. It would be nice to have a chat room with others playing the game as there is in Pool, Golden Reels, etc

    An explanation of how to win any of the jackpot prizes. If it is somehow random, what triggers random? There should be some kind of qualifier to win the respective jackpots.

    Bonus Coins ( Every 4 hours) is super low, I am on level 15 and I believe I have hit the max of the coins at 150. It hasn't gone up in a few levels.

    There currently isn't a way to know how many coins you need to spin until your next level.

    It is super hard to win anything of significance. Most spins are either zero winnings or less than the amount you used to spin the reels.

    Bonus rounds are rare and when you do get "lucky" to get one, the payouts are super small. To illustrate this 99,9% of the time, it costs more to purchase 4 more free spins than you won on your prior 10. To illustrate this I won 100 coins for getting to the bonus round, 10 free spins later I won a total of 51 coins. Who is going to spend 1350 coins for 5 spins when you won a total of 51 in your 10 free spins.

    The Daily Loyal Bonus is a nice feature, it would be nice to see the coins paid out become higher, especially for those that play 5 or more days in a row, it would be nice if it was higher.

    I am glad to see new games, the only way to improve them and getting more players involved is to make them better. Feedback is the way to make it happen.

    Thanks for the opportunity to share my thoughts/feedback on the games.


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    Level 16 increased the coins from 150-200 every 4 hours. A slight improvement but considering how difficult it is to build any coin stack it isn't much to do anything with.


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      Found out why there hasn't been a reply to this feedback. Game Desire doesn't maintain Lucky Star Casino, it is only hosting it. The software and the game are through a third party.

      Another game that ultimately will go the way of Happy-Tale here.


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        Originally posted by SLAYURCRU View Post
        Found out why there hasn't been a reply to this feedback. Game Desire doesn't maintain Lucky Star Casino, it is only hosting it. The software and the game are through a third party.

        Another game that ultimately will go the way of Happy-Tale here.
        happy tale was made by GD...


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          Mike that is incorrect.

          Happy Tale was not made by GD. It was only hosted by GD but developed by Can't Stop Games. When GD was no longer showing the game, you were able to play it on Facebook and the official home page of Happy Tale.

          The game then became available only on Android and Apple via the name Brave Tribe back in 2013.

          I was one of the top players in Happy Tale and had over 7,000 friends, I know exactly what took place.


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            I have to agree with Slay that Lucky Casino looks like a dead duck. You can be tempted in for a while because the payouts do improve as far as Blooms, but then things go downhill again. About once a week you can build a stack on Blooms for 30 mins or more as opposed to the usual losing all your coins in 3 minutes. Bonanza and Dragon Egg also give you a chance but less often. The recent Cupcakes taster was very disappointing, both visualy as well as in payouts, not a good sign of things to come.

            The lack of any explanation about the machines, is frankly insulting. It highlights how little development effort has gone into them and how little care there is for customer satifaction.


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              It's been over 2 months since I made my original post. I am only at level 18 now. 2 months+ and up 3 levels. You just can't win on these games. It's virtually impossible. You may win a few spins but then it's dozens of losers in a row.

              I notice the same people win the jackpots over and over, yet there is no explanation how except "the more you bet" the better chance you have? Basically the more you bet, the more you lose and go broke. I know go several days in a row without spinning and just collecting the daily bonus and whatever 4 hour bonuses I can to get to 6 or 7,000 in hopes of being able to do more than 10 spins before going broke.

              That's not how the games should work. It speaks volumes to how poor the payouts are.


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                In spite of Blooms disappearing, there are other machines that will pay out. If you are patient you can build a surprising balance. My close friend is on level 20 now with 2.1 Milliom built in the bank. She has won one 300K jackpot, so it is possible. We don't think that the number of coins that you bet influences the chances of winning a jackpot. It seems similar to Goldens Reels. You need to bet a modest amount above the minimum to be eligible for the bigger jackpots.

                Compared with Golden Reels, Lucky Star small payouts are pitiful. That does mean sticking to high betting will clear you out in a few spins, before you hit the next important series of Mega Wins. The defaults bets are too high, which is naughty.

                Good Luck


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                  Lucky Star don't work for me. Is there a problem?


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                    I also can't get Lucky Star to work today. It worked for me just fine last night.


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                      Please fix Lucky Star. Doesn't work.


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                        Hello, thank you for your messages. What about now? Should be better.


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                          Yes is working good. Thanks.


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                            I just started this one a little bit ago, only up to level 8, I kinda like not having a chat mode, can't get into any fights with anyone or be distracted by others griping about other players being "fake".


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                              Hello Lucky Star Casino Slots players!
                              I play since march 2015 and I am at level 24. I play only Birds of Paradise. If I reach level 25 i get 4500 bonus, and 375 timer bonus. I play only 80 bet so I guess no jackpot for me. Can someone put a picture with jackpot at Lucky Star I wanna see how it looks. Thank you very much.