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Short Guide to What Blockchain Games Actually Are

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  • Short Guide to What Blockchain Games Actually Are

    You might have questions about blockchain games and what is its difference from other online games. Well, first is the payment method. Since it is built on top of a public blockchain technology, payment methods are through cryptocurrencies, if there are any. In blockchain games, players are able to own and control their data. So developers or creators need to ask permission from players before they can put an addition to the player’s current record.

    Since blockchain games are public databases, developers can access player’s data wherever they are in the world. Records are more easily shared and accessed between platforms.

    Security is also one of the biggest promise that Blockchain games give. Since it is encrypted, results on games are never prone to tampering. Luck-based games like Cryptodice are better to play since players are always confident that results are always honest.

    Blockchain games also make sure that when players buy new skins for their avatars, it is always unique and scarce. This is why Cryptokitties made a huge name for itself because people loved that the digital collectibles that they own were completely unique.

    If you would like to know more about them, better play them yourself! Here are the links to Cryptodice and Cryptokitties respectively: and