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  • Payments

    I have been playing this game for some years now, never faced a problem in regards to payments. Recently made 4 payments, money got deducted from my account but no chips transferred yet . Shocking. Being a VIP member, send them numerous mails but no reply since 2 days. Anyone facing such issues?

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    You need to contact admin:

    They are tip top, though usually takes three days for PayPal to take monies from my account.

    If you get stuck do a cash back and contact PayPal.


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      This was wrong information regarding PayPal payments. If you purchase from PayPal for chips on here, seen it for fact, my girlfriend, also her sister does it for us thorough PayPal and other methods. (we do not trust to put credit cards on any game site period.) If you purchase let say sidlira22 $20.00 it is debited from your bank account immediately. Take notice next time and after your purchase log into banking online and you will see that PayPal has taken the funds. If you use the link that Ninja82 gave you , he was correct . When there has been an issue my sister in law or my girlfriend her sister will email them and it is done within minutes put to your account. I have seen it done too many times and believe me it is done within minutes as long as they can verify the payment made which can be looked at in your settings under Payments.


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        I don't need to buy tokens. However, I buy them when it's doubled to support site, why they put 200% is poor math as a percentage can only be out of 100.
        Well soon as I log into PayPal and purchase they are added straight away.
        Once they were not added due to a glitch, but I checked PayPal and nothing was taken.