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    I am getting sick and tired of this constant streaming threads which are a copyright infringement.
    The threads are breaking numerous laws.
    I do ''flag'' them but they're still here days later.
    I have offered my services, I have asked for admin privilages so as soon as I see them I can remove them.
    I have had two (2) p'ms from a user wanting a conversation. If you allowed people to reply without them being blocked then you would receive them yes you Merc26.
    I have typed a paragraph, maybe five sentences in the past and it's been blocked, says needs to be reviewed, so why does this not happen when someone posts a whole page of illegal content?
    There are thirteen (13) currently on view and they start off the thread with some completely irrelevant title, examples ''stage with his gritty and socially aware'' and ''Central African Republic''.

    Update admin removed them after I sent them the links.
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    Thank you for being a stand up guy and posting this. I appreciate your effort and keep doing what you are doing. As I stated before, I will be interested to see what the admins do with this information.