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  • Miffed!!!!!!

    Snooker pro: Can anybody clarify a rule for me please. Once an opponent has conceded, does that then mean you have won? This morning I played my socks off against a player 43 levels above me [13-56].He conceded as the pink went in and the score was 53 - 49 in my favour, I thanked him for the game and was elated to have beaten somebody so much more skilled than myself. I decided to finish the game properly and potted the -very awkward- black. Unfortunately the white went in as well, and even though he had conceded, the game was awarded to him 53-56. can anybody confirm this is the rule? I'd appreciate any comments apart from 'you should have left the black alone!' Gerry
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    Once they raise the white flag game is yours. I usually dump the cue into a pocket and collect when I see the white flag.

    You need to contact admin and ask for a refund.

    Once they raise the white flag game is yours.


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      Miffed again and now really really confused !

      Today I was playing a player of similar skill level, He was 12 points ahead with just pink and black on the table, He potted the white WITH the pink and was awarded the game! I was expecting the pink to be returned with the white, a gain of six points to me, and his turn terminated. SO WHAT IS GOING ON?
      I don't need the game-chips back, but I am peeved as I seem to be going through some unexplained, really bad luck and my win percentage is dropping.


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        So you lost?

        Contact admin and ask for a refund.

        I got a refund when the pink was put on the black spot and snookering me on my final red and the pink was available.

        If code is not done right errors occur and admin will take note and pass it on to the codersto to fix it.

        Other examples when I have played push out in pool I then get a foul which cost me game, or cue on break (mine) disappearing, got refunds.


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          Thanks for your input Ninja82,
          I'm not afraid of losing, in fact I'm good at it and do it all the time!
          Not too worried about a refund as i'm playing for the enjoyment rather than the chips, but the annoying thing is winning and not getting the victory. I was certainly annoyed at losing against the skill level 56 as he would have been my best scalp to date,
          Have contacted admin, but they said basically not to foul even after the white flag has been shown, should have just touched the black ball then. I can't say that I'm happy with it but it a mistake I won't make again.
          Normally I pot the cue ball when the white flag is shown, but it is usually shown when you are so far ahead you can't be caught, so I've never noticed that if you foul after the flag the points still get added to your opponents score.