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  • Canasta

    - It would be helpful if I could mark the chat with the mouse, like in Buraco, because it s difficult to follow the chat in foreign languages

    -the number of losers fleeing increases .......

    It's always annoying when players see that they lose and then leave the table (4 people).
    One will cheated of the profit and the feeling of winning, but even if my team partner leaves the table, I feel bad because I want to win anything in this way.

    -Also I have a technical problem:
    When I hold just 2 cards of the same type z. B. QQ in hand and wants to take the stack, the system allows not.

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    Hello, thank you for your suggestions.

    I'm afraid that there is no global solutions that we can implement to prevent leaving the game by some players when they're loosing. But you can always contact our support team and give us such player's nickname - he/she will be warned.

    About the technical issue - please notice, that when you draw a card from the stack you must lay it down immediately. You receive other cards AFTER doing this and the game won't let you take the stack and left with no cards in your hand even for a second.


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      I love Canasta, but it will not load. Have tried both IE and Firefox browsers. The loading bar hangs at 90%. I have the latest Flash installed. Please help!


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        Hello Dennis2277 - does the problem still persist?


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          Hi Murkaa,

          too many cheaters in Canasta.
          Is it usual to block the privatechat for Player who are playing at same table?

          And how can it be that player who leave 30% of games when they are losing, are still get a game? And when they are blocked because they have 200 left games next day they have a new nickname and do the same?

          Why is it not usual to block some players from tables I play? When I take them on ignorelist or so?

          It s really no fun to play Canasta here, somehow one has always the feeling one comes into the mills of mafia structures.... Fair playing is something else...sorry


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            Hi Murkaa, Lena,

            I would like to ask you again to check the chats in Canasta, or to block the private chat.

            The honest players lose the pleasure, and do not come back.
            Meanwhile, my list of deceivers is long.

            I will give you the chance to remove the problem before I officially name the players.

            I hope you care about this problem.



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              Canasta will will not load past 90-95%. What gives? It worked perfectly until now.


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                Hello! Is it possible to cheat on online canasta? I've been playing a few days ago and the other player did something I don't know how to explain, but the game ended suddenly and he or she got all the points. I didn't want to report which might have been a bug, so I decided to ask here, thanks


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                  How do I get on the leaderboard? I have more chips than the 4th place leader but not on the board?


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                    thats the activity of last 24 h and not chips they have....

                    you have to play and win high games to get on leaderboard...
                    Last edited by picdame; 06-08-2017, 07:45 AM.


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                      I just had the situation where playing 1 on 1 (25000) the other person did an initial meld and picked up the pack (from a frozen pack) without a natural pair. How is that possible? Seems dodgy to me.


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                        Also like Picdame I'm avoiding going into certain stakes to avoid some players (who have accused me of cheating {I don't as i don't see the point in playing if you need to cheat}, or have been really rude and unpleasant in their comments on player chat). It would be great if I could just somehow block them from coming up in a game with me. Can you administrators help with this?


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                          I have two questions. 1. I've just started playing with this site. I'm using Safari and it works great. I see you get coins to start, then either earn them or they take them away if you lose. I find it sad that you then need to pay to play if you lose a lot. Is this true?

                          2. Someone mentioned earlier that how can you cheat with canasta. I want to know that also. Previously on another site a few years ago someone accused me of cheating playing two handed canasta. I don't even know how you could cheat! Just because I was winning. I don't like being accused of things like that! I either win or lose, can't help if I'm the winner! Cheating...never! Of course, impossible if I have no idea how! lol


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                            i would like to choose who i play with but cannot


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                              noone can..i would like to know who is at table and block some players off my tables...
                              Last edited by picdame; 03-28-2018, 04:39 AM.